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Icy Rut

Our woodlot has been actively harvested for generations. In places, deep ruts have appeared in the trails from the logging operations. Everything from horses and wagons and skids to more modern harvesting equipment. Water collects in the ruts and at … Continue reading

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Boulders and Moss

These massive boulders form part of an old, abandoned wall surrounding an old pasture that has been allowed to return to natural growth for over fifty years. Sony A-900 – Tamron 90mm – f 2.8 – Macro – ISO 400 … Continue reading

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Stone Wall – The Old Orchard

Virtually every Nova Scotia farm has its share of stone walls. As the forests were cleared for farming the trunks and roots were literally pulled out of the ground by shear brute strength. Likewise the rocks and boulders, large and … Continue reading

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Spray, Rocks and Seaweed

The Rocks at Black Point Beach are a never-ending opportunity to capture great images. This seaweed-choked grouping, with a small surf exploding on it, provide a pleasant, local vista. Sony A-900 – Tamron 70-200mm – f 2.8 – 70mm – … Continue reading

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Stone Clam

This massive boulder at Black Point Beach lies submerged, only to be exposed between mid tides. Fairly rectangular in shape, it has a rather unique, fairly consistent, rectangular groove going all around it’s middle. This section is screened by a … Continue reading

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Moss on Stones

It is a generally accepted tenant of the photographic arts that cloudy, overcast days are a “photographer’s friend.” This is because the highly diffused light on such a day produces beautiful, even tones on whatever it hits, but much of … Continue reading

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Meteghan Falls

The rushing Spring flood of the Meteghan River throws itself over the falls just off the Bangor Road in Clare, Digby County. A slow shutter speed allows the viewer to see the beautiful undulations as the water makes its way … Continue reading

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Moss in Bloom

How wonderful to walk the wild woods in early Spring and see the world come to life once more. Two days of soft rain and mild temperatures have worked their magic and everything is springing to life once again. Mosses … Continue reading

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