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Misty Morning – Lake Vaughan

  One of the best aspects of nature and landscape photography is serendipity. Regardless of the planning, you just never know when an unexpected image will present itself, completely without warning. Such was the case last week when I went … Continue reading

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Pinecroft Pond

On a trip to Ontario to visit with relatives we stopped at Pinecroft, a pottery studio outside of Aylmer, in southern Ontario. The owners are relatives of my wife and she has visited this place for as long as she … Continue reading

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Clouds – Spectacle Lake

The morning dawned cool and very calm. I took one of my Springers for a walk, and when we reached Spectacle Lake a light breeze started to stir the mirror-like surface of the water. Beautiful ripples disturbed the reflection of … Continue reading

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Self-portrait – Spectacle Lake

  This is the 365th image in the project, and should be the last, but because 2012 is a leap-year there’s one more to come. Over the last year I have taken you on a journey into my mind and … Continue reading

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At Pembroke Cove

This brackish pond is cut off from the sea at Pembroke Cove, Yarmouth County, by a small sand and stone peninsula that can be seen at the distant, far left. Sony A-900 – Sigma 24-70mm – f 2.8 – 70mm … Continue reading

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The Brook – Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake is the source of the Beaver River. The water flows from Spectacle Lake to Cedar Lake via this stream, known locally simply as “the brook.” Almost 200 years ago my ancestors damed this spot to build up pressure … Continue reading

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Two Ducks on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, even the ducks get into it. These two were spotted on Second Lake in Dayton, just outside Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Sony A-900 – Tamron 70-200mm – f 2.8 – 200mm – ISO 200 – f4.5 – 1/350.

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Winter – South Carrying Road Lake

If there is a secret, magical place at this end of the Province, this is it. This remote, pristine lake, deep in the remote backwoods, was originally home to a private hunting and fishing lodge, known as Birchdale, used by … Continue reading

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Still-life of Ice and Wood

In this still, sun-lit pond a birch sapling floats, crowned by a slowly melting sheet of ice. Sony A-900 – Tamron 70-200mm – f 2.8 – 70mm – ISO 200 – f4.5 – 1/500.

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Rock and Ripples – Spectacle Lake

This is the first year in the twelve years we have lived here that the small lakes in the region have remained almost consistently ice free. To be sure, the water temperature is hovering around freezing, but wave action, sunshine … Continue reading

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