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First Hoar Frost – 30 October 2013

We’re well into Autumn now and the first serious hoar frost appeared this morning, covering the ground and the gardens like a crystalline, white vail. Hearty flowers have so far resisted the low temperatures and strong winds that sweep across … Continue reading

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Maple Leaf in Ice

  Out for a walk on a crisp, bright morning in late Winter, on the cusp with early Spring, I came upon this maple leaf that had fallen in the fall and was now nearly incased in ice on a … Continue reading

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The Brook – Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake is the source of the Beaver River. The water flows from Spectacle Lake to Cedar Lake via this stream, known locally simply as “the brook.” Almost 200 years ago my ancestors damed this spot to build up pressure … Continue reading

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Ruisseau des Irlandais

Deep in the backwoods of the French Shore, in Clare, Digby county is a maze of private logging roads that are also used by those with secluded cabins on the shore of small, remote lakes and ponds. Because logging is … Continue reading

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Snow on Hydrangea

A winter storm came through last night, dropping lots of rain before changing to freezing rain and then heavy, wet snow. This morning everything, including this hydrangea plant, is covered with a thick frosting of snow. Sony A-900 – Tamron … Continue reading

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Winter – South Carrying Road Lake

If there is a secret, magical place at this end of the Province, this is it. This remote, pristine lake, deep in the remote backwoods, was originally home to a private hunting and fishing lodge, known as Birchdale, used by … Continue reading

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Pancake Ice

This ice is just below the gates of the Raynardton Dam on the Tusket River. I can only assume that the strong currents created excess water is allowed to escape causes the ice to form in these near-perfect circles. It’s … Continue reading

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Still-life of Ice and Wood

In this still, sun-lit pond a birch sapling floats, crowned by a slowly melting sheet of ice. Sony A-900 – Tamron 70-200mm – f 2.8 – 70mm – ISO 200 – f4.5 – 1/500.

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Icy Rut

Our woodlot has been actively harvested for generations. In places, deep ruts have appeared in the trails from the logging operations. Everything from horses and wagons and skids to more modern harvesting equipment. Water collects in the ruts and at … Continue reading

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Rose Hip on Ice

Two days of near record-setting temperatures have melted all the snow and ice but this rose hip. sheltered deep in our woodlot remained unscathed until today. Sony A-900 – Tamron 90mm – f 2.8 – Macro – ISO 200 – … Continue reading

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