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Fallen Fungus

Chewed, crumbling and disintegrating, this large mushroom is a metaphor for the end of summer and the first cool days of what is hoped to be an other long, glorious autumn in Nova Scotia. Sony A-900 – Tamron 90mm – … Continue reading

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More Trail-side Wild Mushrooms

The continued wet weather has hastened along a burgeoning crop of wild mushrooms of all different shapes, sizes and textures. This pair of delicate, pale yellow mushrooms stood out against the forest floor, even tho they were off the trail … Continue reading

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Wild Mushrooms Along the Trail

With our erratic summer this year, first weeks of rain then near-drought, now back to rain, wild mushrooms have not faired well, but this pair, off to the side of the trail, sheltered under alders and mulched by grass clippings, … Continue reading

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Moss on Stone

Early Spring is the time of the mosses and ferns. In this part of the world Winters are mild enough that mosses only slow down their growth, but with the longer days and milder temperatures of Spring, the mosses come … Continue reading

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Tree Beard in Bloom

Tree Beard, also known as Old Man’s Beard is a Lichen of the Usnea family. It is found throughout our forests in Nova Scotia. Tree Beard is considered a sign of a healthy atmosphere as it is particularly sensitive to … Continue reading

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