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Rose Hip – Bartlett’s Beach

Wild beach roses grow everywhere in southwest Nova Scotia, in farm fields, along roadsides and of course along the beaches. Usually the hips are beautiful, perfectly round orbs of deep red, but deep into fall, two days before the arrival … Continue reading

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Rushes and Ice

The first real cold spell of the season hit us yesterday, and although none of the lakes show any ice, the small pond in our woodlot has a fresh sheet of ice with a tiny sprinkling of snow on top. … Continue reading

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Lichen on Spruce

Lichen on trees is said to be a sign of high air quality standards. If this is the case Nova Scotia is a bastion of healthy air because they are to be seen in abundance and in an extremely wide … Continue reading

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The Wharf – Cripple Creek, Cape Sable Island

This rustic wharf juts precariously from the shore into the little harbour where Cripple Creek meets the sea, on Cape Sable Island. Sony A-900 – Sigma 24-70mm – f 2.8 – 70mm – ISO 200 – f16 – 1/200.

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Living surrounded by the sea you see fishing boats pulled ashore and beached every day but sometimes, when you see them long ashore and neglected, backs broken and deckhouses collapsing, it tugs at the heartstrings. This pair are forgotten and … Continue reading

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Silver Leaves

These last few apple leaves, clinging to their branch, were lost in a maze of bare branches, all of very similar colour, but converting to black and white and then using a solarizing technique gives them a unique appearance and … Continue reading

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Ducks Away!

Sometimes when you’re out on a shoot an opportunity hits you with no warning whatsoever. You have no time to change lenses, no time to change settings. You need to act instinctively, take the shot and deal with the consequences … Continue reading

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Small Pond – Fall

This small pond is beside Lake Vaughn, near Tusket Falls. Sony A-900 – Tamron 70-200mm – f 2.8 – 85mm – ISO 200 – f4.5 – 1/200.

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Autumn Leaves – Wild Blackberry

The woodlands and pastures of southwestern Nova Scotia are full of delicious, nutritious wild plants, but few please more than the Wild Blackberry, Nubus. The juicy black fruit are eaten, as is, or they are crushed for the juice. They … Continue reading

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Seed Head – Spectacle Lake

I never get tired of seeing these beautiful tall grass seed heads, dancing in the breeze, at the side of the trails in our woodlot. They bring the promise of the spring and summer to come, making winter just a … Continue reading

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