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I love it when the leaves finally fall off all the trees and bushes, finally revealing the secrets that they concealed. This tiny nest is a wonder of plant material and natural ingenuity, kept hidden and safe when needed most. … Continue reading

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Cold Day at the Feeder

  A bitter cold day and the local flock of Redpolls descend on our Niger seed feeder for a free handout. Cold winter days take their toll on wild birds, and the smaller they are, the harder they feel it. … Continue reading

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Frost Park – August 2012

Frost Park is located adjacent to the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Town Hall, and contains the earliest burial ground in the town. Today it provides a shady, cool, respite for anyone wishing to relax and ponder life’s intricacies. This large, cast … Continue reading

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You Talkin’ to Me?

This immature Herring Gull sits calmly perched atop a boom on an offshore commercial fishing vessel docked at a wharf in Yarmouth harbour. Sony A-900 – Tamron 70 – 200mm f2.8 – ISO 200 – 200mm – f5.6 – 1/500.

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Wharf Clean-up Crew

The most ubiquitous seabird of them all, where would we be without the omnipresent Gull, often referred to as the Seagull. The most common gull on the eastern shore of North America is this fella, the Herring Gull. Although their … Continue reading

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Two Ducks on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, even the ducks get into it. These two were spotted on Second Lake in Dayton, just outside Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Sony A-900 – Tamron 70-200mm – f 2.8 – 200mm – ISO 200 – f4.5 – 1/350.

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Cedar Lake Bird Hunt

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. There are over 1,000,000 geocaches, located in virtually … Continue reading

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Cleared for Landing

There are times in a photographer’s life when action outpaces preparation. Such was the case with this image of a common seagull, about to land on the wharf at Cape Saint Mary’s. I was just walking down the wharf, intending … Continue reading

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Ducks Away!

Sometimes when you’re out on a shoot an opportunity hits you with no warning whatsoever. You have no time to change lenses, no time to change settings. You need to act instinctively, take the shot and deal with the consequences … Continue reading

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Red-bellied Woodpecker at Feeder

This is the first time that I’ve duplicated an image in the project but the subject was so important that he deserved a second, far superior shot. The problem was that he comes to the feeder so early in the … Continue reading

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