Hope Springs Eternal – 24 February 2014

Snowdrop - 24 February 2014


Despairing at the weather forecast for the next five days I went outside to be greeted by the first Snowdrops of Spring! What better way to revive hope that Spring is finally close! Long live Snowdrops!

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Nest in Bush

I love it when the leaves finally fall off all the trees and bushes, finally revealing the secrets that they concealed. This tiny nest is a wonder of plant material and natural ingenuity, kept hidden and safe when needed most.

Sony A-900 – Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro  – ISO 200 – f4.5 – 1/90

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Last Gasp of Fall

Last Gasp of Fall

These Hydrangea flowers take on a delicate, web-like structure as they near their end every fall, giving their last measure of beauty to a garden.

Sony A-900 – Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro  – ISO 200 – f9.5 – 1/90

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First Hoar Frost – 30 October 2013

Hoar Frost_2013-10-30_6705

We’re well into Autumn now and the first serious hoar frost appeared this morning, covering the ground and the gardens like a crystalline, white vail. Hearty flowers have so far resisted the low temperatures and strong winds that sweep across southwestern Nova Scotia, but few can resist the sting of frost. Farewell friends! We look forward to your triumphant return in the spring!

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Autumn Mare’s Tails – 10 October 2013

Autumn Mare's Tails


Autumn is now with us, and with it comes more intense weather. This morning’s sky was a busy place indeed.

Sony A-900 – Tamron 17 – 24mm 2.8 – 17mm  – ISO 200 – f11 – 1/125

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Misty Morning – Lake Vaughan

Lake Vaughan


One of the best aspects of nature and landscape photography is serendipity. Regardless of the planning, you just never know when an unexpected image will present itself, completely without warning. Such was the case last week when I went on a day long photo shoot, two hours up the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It turned into a bright, cloudless day, yielding mostly flat, uninspiring shots. Yet, on the early morning drive to meet up with the other two photographers, I turned a corner, driving along a road that follows the shore of Lake Vaughan, a man-made lake resulting from a dam on the Tusket River, only to see this image. I quickly stopped, walked out on a wharf, lay down to get the camera just inches above the water, and took several images as the sun slowly rose, burning off the early morning mist. This was the one I was most pleased with.

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Foggy Morning Gardens – 14 September 2013

Foggy Morning Garden_2013-09-14_6148

A day of torrential rain is behind us, leaving a damp, foggy morning… and all the beauty it brings to my wife, Nancy’s gardens

Sony A-900 – Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro  – ISO 800 – f9.5 – 1/200

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Nancy’s Climbing Roses – July 2013

Nancy's Roses_2013-07-13_5425


There’s just something about heritage climbing roses and an old, weathered picket fence. This fence once graced the graveyard of an old Baptist church nearby. We saved it from destruction and made it part of our garden. The roses were gifts from friends. The soft pink rose is a Dr. W. Van Fleet Rose. It came to us as a cutting from my cousin’s heritage homestead. It was originally planted by his mother in the early 1900s. The bright pink rose is an American Pillar Rose, created in 1900. It was donated by friends in Shelburne County.

Sony A-900 – Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 – 70mm  – ISO – f16 – 1/30

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Foggy Day Walk

Old Wharf - Salmon River Beach


Weeks of rain, wind and fog may not be good for the garden, but for the photographer it spells opportunity.

Sony A-900 – Sigma 17-24mm 2.8 – 17mm – ISO 200 – f6.7 – 1/1,500

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A Tale of Three Rhododendrons

Three Rhododendrons

These three Rhododendrons are over one hundred and forty hears old and sit on the front lawns of the homes of three brothers. The original property was owned by my great, great, great grandfather, Benjamin B. Porter. As his sons came of age he divided the land into three equal portions, with the original homestead in the centre. To the North, my great, great grandfather, Adelbert Porter, JP, built his home, and to the south his brother, George Bell Porter built his. On the passing of Benjamin, his youngest son, Alvin inherited the homestead. As was typical of the time, all three sons travelled to what was known as the Boston States for work from time to time. In the late 1870s their wives each brought back a Rhododendron to grace the front of their homes. All three still stand today. I now own the original homestead and my Rhododendron is the one in the middle picture. Its top branches now reach to the second story windows. Each year all three plants come forth in splendour to continue to add beauty and grace to their respective homes, and maintain a sense of continuity; our visible link with the past.

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